Tutorial lectures

Here is the list of the renowned scientists who have accepted to give a tutorial for the PICQUE Scientific school :
  • Prof. Dan Ostrowsky (University of Nice, France) - "On the genesis of quantum integrated photonics".
  • Prof. Pieter Kok (University of Sheffield, UK) - "Optical quantum information processing"
  • Prof. Andrew White (University of Queensland, Australia) - "Quantum simulation".
  • Prof. Philip Walther (University of Vienna, Austria) - "Quantum computing protocols using photonic waveguide circuits".
  • Prof. Andrea Fiore (Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands) - "On-chip generation and detection of single photons using a III-V semiconductor plateform".
  • Prof. Roberto Osellame (Institute for Photonics and Nanotechnologies - CNR, Italy) - "Quantum photonic circuits on glass, from simple to advanced manipulation architectures using 3D-laser writing".
  • Prof. Igor jex (Czech Technical University in Prague, CZ) - "quantum photonics in waveguide arrays"
  • Dr. Josh Nunn (University of Oxford, UK) - "Network architecture merging quantum photonic sources and memories".
  • Dr. Linda Sansoni (University of Paderborn, Germany) - "Multichannel integrated sources of light"
  • Dr. Chris Erven (University of Bristol, UK) - "Chip-based Quantum Communication Technologies"


Here is the list of the invited speaker for the PICQUE Scientific school :

  • Dr. Josh Silverstone (University of Bristol, UK) - "Generation and manipulation of quantum light using silicon-based circuits".
  • PhD Mauro Persechino (Institut d'optique Graduate School, France) - "On-chip quantum cryptography"
  • Dr. Vincenzo Tamma (University of Portsmouth, UK) - "Quantum Computational Power of Linear Optics Interferometers with input single photon states of arbitrary distinguishability"


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